The Spirit of Japan

Japan's culture of hospitality transforms ancient traditions into modern-day discoveries

Special moments permeate every cultural encounter on a journey through Japan. Each greeting is accompanied by a gentle bow, your server presents you with a hot towel before each meal and your dining companion will always pour sake on your behalf. This is Omotenashi, the intangible Japanese trait of anticipating others’ needs and attending to them with effortless grace. Here, we highlight experiences imbued with selfless hospitality and traditional luxury that we can handcraft for you on a journey through Japan.

Traditional Architecture

Japan’s most revered examples of traditional architecture are deeply linked to Omotenashi, a sense of wholehearted hospitality that welcomes to you these iconic sites again and again.

Authentic Surrounds


Immerse yourself in the spirit of Japan by staying in a ryokan (traditional inn). Should you seek truly extraordinary surroundings, we can arrange a stay at Tawaraya, a 300-year-old ryokan in Kyoto, Japan’s former imperial capital. Step into your simple room, outfitted with tatami mats, low-level seating and overlooking a tranquil Zen garden. Tip-toe across the heated floor in a simple kimono, which has graciously been provided for you, to step into your wooden soaking tub and unwind from the day. Then, enjoy a leisurely multi-course meal which is presented with the utmost grace.

Culinary Encounters

Immerse yourself in Japan through its cuisine, where simple ingredients sourced from the land and surrounding seas are honored with the utmost respect and thoughtful presentation.

Cultural Immersion

© Q.Sawami/© JNTO

Let us bring you into this secret and ancient world with a special afternoon in Gion, Kyoto’s famous geisha district. Stroll along the cobblestone road and enter a wooden teahouse, where an authentic geisha or a young apprentice, known as a maiko, will greet you. Outfitted in an elaborate kimono with a beautifully white-painted face and crimson lips, she’ll entertain you with her graceful expertise in dancing, singing, playing classical instruments and a tea ceremony.

Artistic Encounters

Everywhere you look, the Japanese aesthetic reveals itself, from the minimalist design of a teahouse to natural materials integrated in your ryokan. Artful encounters abound in Japan that we can tailor to your every interest.

Spiritual Tranquility

©Yasufumi Nishi/© JNTO

Zen Buddhism is an essential part of Japanese culture, focused on deep meditation to enhance your spirit with calm and relaxation. Let us connect you with a Buddhist abbot at the Shunkō-in Temple in northwest Kyoto, who can guide you through Zen meditation. Should you desire, we can also arrange for you to spend a night in the temple. Take this opportunity to stroll through the walking paths and peaceful gardens throughout the Myōshin-ji temple complex that surrounds this property.


Natural Attractions

Four main islands and thousands of smaller islets create the Japanese archipelago, each one overflowing with natural wonders from volcanic landscapes to snow-capped mountain peaks and turquoise waters.

Only in Japan

From Kyoto’s breathtaking temples to Kanazawa’s colorful pottery, a unique civilization filled with graceful Omotenashi has blossomed from ancient traditions. Let us help you navigate this rich heritage as you enjoy cultural entertainment in a geisha house, explore Zen gardens in a Buddhist temple and behold unique natural wonders, from subtropical islands to the peaks of the Japanese Alps. Discover these experiences and much more in the videos below and contact us today to create your exclusive getaway to Japan.

Ready To Go?

We’re here for you as your own form of Omotenashi. When you reserve your vacation with us, you'll experience the confidence knowing we’re here to anticipate your needs and ensure every moment exceeds your expectations.