Changing Lives in Africa

Give back to the world on a transformative journey with Micato Safaris

What if you could help communities in need simply through the act of traveling? In Africa, some of the most heartwarming encounters take place beyond the wide-open savanna. Within the heart of its capital city, you’ll discover new ways to experience travel as you share your time with locals, and as they in turn share their world with you. Perhaps this will happen when you share a book with a smiling youngster, help plant a tree or play a game with a group of teens. Without a doubt, you and your loved ones will come away truly enriched when you journey with Micato Safaris.


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Empowering and inspiring, these poignant encounters are accompanied by moments of fascinating adventure and lavish luxury when you travel with Micato Safaris. Explore Africa’s wildlife-filled plains while enjoying the sumptuous surrounds of five-star accommodations and savoring gourmet cuisine. Begin your transformative journey today!

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