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Uncover Western Australia's lesser-known beaches, where families come first

Enjoy Sun, Sea and Sand

Western Australia’s beaches and bays have long been playgrounds for world-class surfers, avid boaters and devoted divers. While the best-known seaside retreats include popular beaches like Cable Beach in Broome and Cottesloe Beach in Perth, this state boasts several distinctive coastlines stretching over 7,700 miles. Follow us on a coastal journey along lesser-known shores, where you can easily discover quiet corners that you’ll have all to yourself, see Western Australia’s rare wonders, and bring home a lifetime of memories that belong entirely to you.

7 Can't-Miss Beaches

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With a reputation for endless summer days and plenty of places to enjoy the balmy weather, you’re bound to discover your own version of a perfect beach day with your loved ones in Western Australia.

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Let’s create your coast-to-coast exploration of Western Australia with plenty of surf and sun to please everyone.