Inside Cuban Traditions

Get an insider’s look at the culture of Cuba

Welcome to Cuba

Time seems to stand still in Cuba, where vintage Cadillacs and Studebakers line the streets and pastel hues are splashed onto the façades of colonial buildings. The sun-bleached plazas of Old Havana with their buzzing cafés and Baroque cathedral bell towers contrast beautifully with the verdant farms and colorful countryside of Cardenas and Viñales. Let us introduce you to these soulful cities and immerse you into Cuban culture on a Travel Impressions guided tour.

Havana, Cuba

If you’re curious about Cuba, now is the perfect time to go. This is no ordinary vacation: through cross-cultural, people-to-people programs, we work with Travel Impressions to handle every last detail in transporting you through Cuba to meet the locals who make this such a unique and dynamic destination.

Meeting the Locals

Cuba is best explored through the eyes of the locals who share insight into their culture and daily lives.

Cultural Traditions

From music with infectious rhythms to artistic whimsical creations, discover the passion that lies at the heart of Cuba’s identity.

Check Out These Three Incredible Tours!

Expressions of Cuba
Discover Cuban cuisine, culture and art

Tour Highlights: Havana and Varadero

Rhythms of Cuba
A moving experience in culture, music and history
Tour Highlights: Havana and Cayo Santa Maria

HavanaArt Tour
Connect with culture and art
Tour Highlights: Havana and Las Terrazas

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Ready To Go?

Cuba and its cultural traditions are within easy reach. Contact us to start planning your guided exploration today!