Find Yourself in the South Pacific

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Living in a world as vast and vibrant as this one, there are just as many ways to fall in love with travel as there are incredible destinations to explore. People scour the globe in search of the most breathtaking views, mouthwatering foods, and unforgettable experiences, following their heart across the world. Paul Gauguin Cruises is dedicated to helping you uncover the magnificence of the South Pacific, in turquoise waters, on golden beaches, and in its unparalleled island spirit. Discover a destination that ignites all your passions, and you might just discover yourself along the way.

For the Island Explorer

If you’ve always dreamed of trekking through rainforest-covered hills to find sacred temples and ancient wonders, you’re in luck – the islands offer all of these and more. Explore this island paradise by safari truck or on foot to uncover archaeological ruins of ancient tribes, panoramic views over Maroe Bay, and even giant blue-eyed eels living in village streams! Visit the Upeke Ceremonial Center and sacred marae, or ancient Tahitian stone temples, to truly connect with the storied history of the islands.

For the Aquatic Adventurer

The islands’ peaks, beaches, and villages are sure to inspire you, but some of the most beautiful sights are in the waters below. Snorkel around coral gardens, cruise around crystal-clear lagoons, and come face to face with sharks, rays, turtles, and dolphins. Go on an underwater walk to stroll past exotic coral formations and vibrant tropical fish or join a marine biologist on a dolphin watching expedition to spot spinner dolphins, rough-tooth dolphins, and even humpback whales!

For the Foodie

Searching for delectable Polynesian cuisine? You can easily find delicious dishes throughout the islands, but you can also enjoy a soul-satisfying meal without even leaving the ship! Enjoy fabulous Polynesian fare and a verdant new vibe in L’Etoile, m/s Paul Gauguin’s newly renovated main dining room. With lushly illustrated Tahitian landscapes and island-inspired carpets, curtains, and textiles, you’ll feel surrounded by island hospitality from the second you step inside. Relax in comfortable armchairs as you dine on traditional Polynesian dishes and enjoy a taste of the good life.

For the Culture Seeker

Take a scenic orientation drive around Moorea to explore both its exquisite beauty and the day-to-day lives of the people who live there. Get to know the local traditions and culture for a fascinating glimpse at the Polynesian lifestyle, and dive even deeper with trips to pineapple fields and pearl farms. Take a short outrigger canoe trip to visit Huahine Pearl Farm and Pottery and see unique blue pottery made with a glaze found at the bottom of the lagoon. With experienced local guides to lead the way, you’ll uncover more than you ever imagined.

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