The Great Wild South

Circumnavigate the Falkland Islands on a bespoke journey with Quark Expeditions

Embark on a 17-day excursion to the Falkland Islands for a wildlife discovery unlike any other. As one of only 12 passengers aboard Quark Expeditions’ small exploration boat Hans Hansson, you’ll have access to the archipelago’s remote shores off the southeastern tip of South America and get up-close to whales, sea lions, penguins and birds. Unforgettable days ashore lead to evenings at family-style dinners with the captain and crew as they share local lore.

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Discover all these incredible experiences and more on a bespoke adventure with Quark Expeditions. We’re excited to secure for you this exploration of a lifetime!

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Unrivaled Animal Encounters

The Falkland Islands’ unspoiled, natural landscape and protected habitat makes it the perfect home for a variety of wildlife both on land and at sea. Discover the unique creatures you might encounter, small and large.

Meet Your Crew Aboard the
Hans Hansson

Watch the video to meet the crew and see what life is like aboard the small but mighty ship.

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