The Flavors of Croatia

Discover a feast for the senses in the colorful country of Croatia.

At first, visions of Croatia appear like drawings from a storybook: romantic, red-roofed cities edged by turquoise waters and unspoiled beaches, and majestic mountain peaks gleaming with pristine alpine lakes. Yet you’ll quickly encounter a new perspective, where culinary traditions reflect the surprising diversity of this charming land. From Hungarian and Turkish influences in the meats and desserts to hints of the Mediterranean in wines and fish delicacies, the rich flavors of Europe converge in Croatia to create a completely unique gastronomy that will have your taste buds relishing every moment.  As your travel experts, we’ll help you sample Croatia’s fresh and local way of life.

Eat and Drink Your Way Through Croatia

Take your taste buds on a vacation they’ll never forget. The video below gives you a quick glimpse of the flavors and delicacies you’ll only find in Croatia.

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Whether you are a wine aficionado or looking to expand your culinary horizons, we’ll help you plan the perfect trip to Croatia.