Uncharted Waters

Hurtigruten forges a path for environmentally respectful cruise expeditions.

The polar regions — the Arctic and Antarctic — are the ultimate destinations for travelers seeking life-changing journeys. Traveling with the intention to preserve and protect these fragile regions is critical, and Hurtigruten is putting conservation first and foremost on its journeys. Check out these new ships that deliver an unprecedented experience in these astounding regions, all while using innovative conservation-focused technology.

Corner Suite (artist rendering)

Aptly named after two Norwegian explorers, Hurtigruten’s newest ships — MS Fridtjof Nansen and MS Roald Amundsen — use cutting-edge technology to reduce fuel emissions by 20% and allow guests to sail more quietly than ever before. This new hybrid technology is not only better for the environment, but also enhances your experience on board as you sail past the brilliant white tundra in almost complete silence. Each ship is thoughtfully designed with a modern and stylish Scandinavian approach. Infinity pools, large observation decks and restaurants serving regionally inspired dishes deepen the experience of navigating the most remote places on Earth.

Effortless design and modern technology come together in Hurtigruten’s newest ships. See how their latest vessels will revolutionize adventure travel without compromising onboard comfort.

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