Luxury is in the Air

From a dreamy new aircraft to breezy resorts, The Islands of Tahiti are always something special.

The Islands of Tahiti are easier to reach than you ever imagined. Begin with the excitement of flying on the new Air Tahiti Nui Dreamliner, and then ease into a journey of relaxation in a collection of luxury resorts across the islands.


Air Tahiti Nui has transformed the innovative Boeing 787-9 into a uniquely Tahitian experience. From the red lines adorning the aircraft exterior to represent the flag to a collection of tattoos on the rear portion of the fleet, your journey begins before you even board. Your gasp of excitement will then release into a deep exhale as you step onto the aircraft, a relaxing space awash in soothing blues and greens inspired by the islands. Embrace the Dreamliner experience — featuring large, dimmable windows, LED mood lighting, and a cabin pressure and humidity level designed to maximize your comfort. Next up, arriving in paradise where your luxurious resort awaits.

We’ll connect all of the elements in The Islands of Tahiti, from your effortless arrival to hopping between luxury resorts on each island. We’ll also help you plan each excursion, including reef diving and gentle drift snorkeling, exploring Tahitian pearl farms, and learning more about Polynesian culture throughout your stay.

Ready To Go?

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