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Satisfy your travel cravings with a journey on Europe’s most legendary rivers onboard AmaWaterways.
By Margarita Hirapetian

You’ve probably heard of wanderlust, but what about fernweh? It’s a German word that means a yearning to go somewhere you’ve never been before, and we’d like to invite you to satisfy this yearning with AmaWaterways, the Heart of the River.TM Their spectacular cruising experience takes you to both the grandest European capitals and far beyond the beaten path. Explore places you’ve only seen in history books, wander off the road most traveled to less frequented paths, and discover hidden gems you’ll swear were waiting just for you. Reset and recharge on the river and feel renewed when all is said and done. Here’s to a new year of adventure on the water.

Romance on the Rhine

Romance on the Rhine

The award-winning AmaLucia debuted on the Rhine in 2021, and it’s more than ready to propel you through Europe’s rivers while you relax and take in the views from the Sun Deck. The Rhine River cuts through cities and towns that look like they were lifted from the pages of a storybook. Allow the romance of the region to envelop you as you sail from Basel to Amsterdam, exploring towns like Heidelberg (where Mark Twain wrote A Tramp Abroad) and experiencing timeless traditions like the making of Kölsch, Cologne’s legendary brew, or Rüdesheimer coffee.

Active excursions include treks through Germany’s legendary Black Forest, hikes of the Philosopher’s Path in Heidelberg, and bike rides through Strasbourg’s Parc de l’Orangerie and the Petite France district. Gentler itineraries following a more relaxed pace are also available.

Castles & Mountain Tops

Castles and Mountain Tops

From castles gleaming like jewels to snow-dusted mountain tops, the 7-night Rhine Castles & Swiss Alps itinerary is as enchanting as it gets. New adventures unique to this itinerary await you, including the Three Countries Bike Tour that takes you through Switzerland, France, and Germany on one incredible ride from Basel. You can also spend time hiking through the verdant Riesling vineyards of Rüdesheim, Germany or pedaling along the river Neckar to the picturesque and magical medieval city center of Ladenburg, Germany. Your journey from the vibrant canals of Amsterdam all the way to the breathtaking Swiss Alps will be an experience you’ll never forget. An optional package to the sparkling and wondrous Lake Como in Italy is also available.

The Floriade Horticultural Expo is in Bloom

The Floriade Horticultural Expo Is in Bloom

Both of these Rhine itineraries offer the once-in-a-decade opportunity to experience the Floriade Horticultural Expo outside of Amsterdam. The Expo occurs once every 10 years and AmaWaterways guests will have the rare opportunity to see it for themselves from April 14 to October 9, 2022. Featuring stunning gardens, innovative sustainable gardening exhibits, live entertainment, talk shows, souvenirs, and food stalls, Floriade is absolutely not to be missed.

Enhance Your Best Self

Enhance Your Best Self

While on the river, you can make sure to fit in moments of serenity and calm between all of the must-see and must-do experiences. The AmaWaterways’ complimentary Wellness Program gives you the opportunity to do a variety of wellness activities, including gathering on the Sun Deck for morning stretching, cardio, core strengthening, dance classes, and more, treating yourself to a massage or spa treatment (for a nominal fee), taking a dip in the pool, or joining a small-group exercise class led by a professionally trained Wellness Host. It’s all at your beck and call.

And so, as you finally get ready to disembark at the end of your journey, you can rest assured that AmaWaterways has fully satisfied that nagging sense of fernweh.



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