Through the Eyes of a Local

Find the perfect pairing when you visit Hong Kong and Macao where you'll shop, dine and celebrate like a local

International influences and similar histories keep Hong Kong and Macao eternally tied. Separated by only a short ferry ride, this pair of energetic destinations charms with glittering skyscrapers that give way to bustling side streets lined with markets and locally owned establishments touting dynamic cuisine.

Hong Kong

Become immersed in Hong Kong and you’ll see why this thriving modern getaway earns the designation as “Asia’s World City.” Discover the many facets of this multicultural destination as you explore attractions loved by locals and diverse neighborhoods that contribute to the distinctive spirit of Hong Kong.


Macao enchants with its rich and dynamic melting pot of cultures. Peruse local markets, sample cuisine and take in the romantic architecture, where early Portuguese influences have created a unique blend of Oriental and Western styles.

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