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When you step aboard a Windstar Select Sailing, you’re taking the first step of an exclusive odyssey to places very few have ever traveled, to the majestic glaciers of Iceland and Alaska or the brilliant blue waters of Tahiti and the Mediterranean. You’re free to indulge in safe and comfortable luxury, with exquisite amenities, upgraded health protocols, and unparalleled service. And best of all, you’re setting sail on a small ship, so you have the ultimate freedom to explore smaller ports.

Iceland’s Wonders


Go beyond the tourist hotspots to the undiscovered treasures of Iceland – remote fjords, cascading waterfalls, and tiny fishing villages inhabited by lovely locals. Thanks to Windstar’s newly renovated small ships, you’ll be joined by fewer than 312 guests, so you’ll get to experience it all in quiet tranquility. Dive into the gorgeous Blue Lagoon, follow the trails of Pingvellir National Park, and visit scenic Surtsey Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Wonders of Greece


When you cruise around the beautiful isles of Greece, you’ll experience thousands of years of history in every port. Walk among the iconic white-walled buildings of Mykonos and Santorini, and discover the breathtaking landscapes that inspired ancient myths and legends. Explore idyllic islands and modern metropolises with Windstar’s small ships to uncover Greece’s most treasured hidden gems.

The Romantic Harbors of the Riviera


From bustling Barcelona to the cobblestone streets of Rome, you’ll be surrounded by vibrant cultures, incredible art and architecture, and divine dishes. Savor the astounding restaurants of Italy without the crowds and discover what makes this region’s cuisine so unbelievably delicious, or try a round or two of tapas to sample the best that Spain has to offer. No matter where your heart takes you, you’ll fall in love in the marvelous Mediterranean.

Tropical Tahiti


Of all the places most elegantly explored by small ship, Tahiti is easily one of the best. This delicate chain of small islands is not easily accessible to most cruise ships, so when you visit with Windstar, you’ll experience the islands’ natural beauty like never before. Relax on breathtakingly beautiful shores and snorkel among colorful sea life. You’ll feel like you have the islands all to yourself.

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