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By Jean Newman Glock

Savvy travelers know that ultimate luxury goes beyond simple indulgences of thread counts and caviar. Regent Seven Seas Cruises®, well-known for an unsurpassed onboard luxury, also understands how to cater to you on shore. They will transport you to the places of your dreams on tours that are far above the ordinary. What European ports will entice you and what will you discover when traveling with Regent Seven Seas Cruises® this summer? Here are just a few suggestions.


Sweden is about a style of living. Berries that taste of their long hours in the sun, frozen for an extra burst. Lazy days in endless summer sunlight relishing the lagom (Swedish hygee) of good living. Lagom is defined as “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” Touring with Regent in Sweden is not about checking off a list of sites, but about learning and experiencing a different philosophy of life.


A city whose architecture, art, crafts and even food memorialize the princes of the Renaissance, the Medici. Walk in their steps, admire the treasures their patronage created and visit sites rarely open to most visitors. Or explore on your own and count the times you can find the Medici coat of arms around the city.


The Grand Bazaar immerses you in the finest goods from the Silk Roads of today, spices, silks, and the most elusive cashmeres. Regent guides show you where to find the absolute best. Sail along the Bosphorus Strait and view the grand palaces straddling eastern and western cultures. Visit in the spring and see the flurry of tulips all over the city. Apologies to Holland, but they originated here.


You will love this time capsule of a country with legitimate claims of past grandeur. From Columbus’ discoveries to a cathedral build from the taxes on imported exotic pepper, all memorialized in luscious tiles of vibrant colors. Discover the nearby village of Cascais a haven for displaced and dethroned royals during World War II. See the residences where Kings and Queens and Dukes and Duchess’ (as in Windsor) partied away ignoring the collapse that was happening all around.


From the Momma Mia happy dances of the islands to the classical grandeur of Athens, Regent shows you both the past treasures and the azure blue and white villages that continue to lure adventurous travelers today. Climb Cape Sounion and search for Lord Bryon’s name carved in the marble, graffiti or not, it is a sign of the inspiration this site has shared with generations of travelers like you.


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