Plan Your Italian Comeback with Globus

The world’s most spectacular cities and stunning scenery are waiting for you in Italy.
By Meredith Diers

From north to south and heel to toe, Globus can help travelers taste la dolce vita once more (or for the first time!) with their perfectly planned Italian itineraries. Italy is open, ready to welcome guests to the lemon-scented streets of Sorrento, the olive oil-rich region of Apulia; the sparkling seas and rugged mountains of Sicily, and the flowing wines of Tuscany.

Discover the legendary beauty of Italy — from the art of Michelangelo to the artful cuisine of Naples and Sicily and the ancient ruins of Rome. Glide along the canals of Venice and gaze upon the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Stroll the stylish avenues of Milan and sip wine below the Duomo in Florence. Explore Italy’s iconic architecture, artworks, and amazing culinary delights that embody La Dolce Vita. Experience authentic Italian treasures and pleasures on every Globus Italy vacation. Give yourself something to look forward to when you plan your travel comeback!

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Umbria & Tuscany by Design


Any way you slice it, this 8-day journey through the kitchens and countryside of Umbria and Tuscany will inspire. This flexible tour – complete with complimentary YourChoice Excursions – offers guests a range of activities and experiences that appeals to foodies, cultural fanatics, and adventure enthusiasts. Choose between a naturalist-guided trek to Marmore Falls, the highest man-made waterfall in the world, a tour of the city or Terni, the birthplace of St. Valentine – protector of lovers, or head to the hills of Umbria to learn the art of truffle hunting with local farmers. Plus, travelers can opt for excursions to Spoleto and Siena. This wonderful journey through high hilltop towns offers a true taste of Italy’s history, cuisine, and natural beauty.

Northern Italy’s Highlands & Cinque Terre


Parmesan and prosciutto. Ferraris and Fiats. Ruins and the Riviera. Some of Italy’s greatest indulgences can be found up north. Italy’s “Fabulous Five,” the nickname for the gelato-colored, cliffside fishing villages along the Mediterranean, starts the count of the numerous stops travelers will experience on this tour of Northern Italy. In addition to savoring the freshest seafood along the coast, relish a balsamic vinegar tasting in the epicurean city of Modena, indulge in a parmesan cheese tasting near Verdi’s hometown of Busseto, enjoy a risotto lunch at a Vercelli rice factory, and sip through a wine tasting in vineyard dotted Gabiano. Guests will also speed over to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, cruise to the yacht-filled harbor of Portofino, and explore the fashion-filled streets of Milan. This tour is the way to see Northern Italy in style.

Highlights of Sicily & Southern Italy


In Greek mythology, the Scylla and Charybdis were two sea monsters located in the Strait of Messina between Sicily and the Italian mainland, endangering ancient mariners and inspiring the expression “being caught between a rock and a hard place.” Unlike those ancient mariners, travelers will find themselves delightfully held between Byzantine and Roman culture, flanked by Norman and Italian influences. Guests will kick off their southern tour among the cobblestones, customs, and cuisine in Rome, then head down the dramatic Sorrento Coast. From there, guests travel to Sicily – the great melting pot of the area. From Italy’s lower half to its largest island, ruins, resorts—a rich history awaits.

The Best of Italy


Layered like a slice of decadent tiramisu, this satisfying tour of Italy is filled with its sweetest cities for a rich and rewarding vacation. With the world-class art of Florence, the alluring romance of Venice, the quiet serenity of Assisi, the historical fascination of Pompeii, and the pure indulgence of Capri travelers will experience some of the most famous and best parts of Italy. And guests will experience some amusement as they enter the vine-clad Tuscan hills, which are famous for their signature Chianti wine, and speed across the glittering Bay of Naples to the citrus-scented town of Sorrento, renowned for its locally produced Limoncello liqueur. Travelers will devour magnificent architecture – and artful cuisine – through this multi-tiered tour of Italy.

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