Two Worlds, One Vacation

Combine Dubai and Western Australia into one thrilling journey

Discover the ultramodern cityscape of Dubai and the natural wonderland of Western Australia — two seemingly opposite worlds that combine for one spectacular vacation. We can transform your trip to Western Australia into one phenomenal journey with an extended layover in Dubai. Instead of rushing to make your flight connection or spending hours waiting in an airport, let us do the planning and help you make the most out of your valuable vacation time! Take a look at some of our ideas below, and keep in mind that we can tailor every aspect of your journey.

A Beacon in the Desert 

The incredible metropolis of Dubai is well known as one of the most opulent places on the planet. Capitalize on its compact and more vertical nature to take in as many of this city’s dazzling skyscrapers, cutting-edge designs and cultural gems as you can on an unforgettable extended layover.

Only have time for 24-hours?
Watch the video below to see all that can be done within a single day.

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A Scenic Haven

The state of Western Australia is filled with incredibly diverse climates and landscapes, from beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters with stunning reefs to majestic forests and premier vineyards ideal for tasting world-class wines. Dive in below and Down Under to discover just a few of the activities we can arrange for you to do and see during your dream vacation in Western Australia.

Want to learn more about the Margaret River region?

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Ready To Go?

Discover the heart and soul of one destination with a longer stay and visit the must-see sites of another in just one day. Contact us today to make sure your short stay in Dubai and your full-length vacation in Western Australia are nothing short of extraordinary!