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Crystal Cruises' newly redesigned yacht brings you to exotic shores in ultimate luxury

Break new ground as you glide toward coveted ports aboard, Crystal Esprit, Crystal Cruises’ sleek newly redesigned yacht. Discover all the innovative ways you can experience the world aboard a 62-passenger vessel, where all-inclusive luxury is just the beginning.

New Ways to Explore the Sea

Aboard Crystal Esprit, the glittering sea is more than just a spectacular view along your journey; it’s also your ultimate playground.

Refreshing Onboard Style

Casual elegance permeates Crystal Esprit from its welcoming décor highlighted by soothing sea blues and cool whites to attentive service from 91 crew members catering to only 62 passengers.

Endless Options on Shore

Crystal Cruises’ inclusive amenities extend to every shore as you can select from two complimentary excursions — whether you prefer an active approach or more leisurely options. A wealth of other immersive activities also exists to indulge your personal passions even further.

Crystal Esprit presents a privileged yachting experience, balanced with warm and welcoming surrounds and an all-inclusive philosophy — from the tranquil sea-views of your elegant suite to gourmet, wine-paired cuisine and deep cultural immersion in every port you visit. Should you want to linger a little longer on your journey, we can even extend your stay on land before or after your cruise to create the ultimate vacation.

Ready To Go?

Let us help you reach the world’s most exclusive ports with Crystal Cruises.