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Ian Swain, President and Owner of custom travel curators Swain Destinations, reveals some of his favorite finds in our Q&A

Reap the benefits of a travel insider’s personal experience by tapping into their resources around the globe. Together with the experts at Swain Destinations, we’re able to create customized journeys to the world’s most remarkable destinations tailored just for you. Want to learn insider tips and discover up-and-coming destinations that need to be on your radar? Swain Destinations’ founder, Ian Swain, has been traversing the globe for more than three decades and shares his valuable insight in our exclusive Q&A.

Q: Is there a destination that you like to return to again and again?

IAN SWAIN: Almost too many to count! That said, I have some favorites…

Q: Are there some places that aren’t necessarily on people’s radars that should be?

IAN SWAIN: Auckland, New Zealand, has become “the city to see,” as well as lesser-known destinations within easy reach from Auckland, such as Waiheke Island, Piha Beach and Matakana. Australia is worth revisiting if you haven’t been in the last five years, as so much has changed — like the new family-friendly camps that have popped up within the Northern Territory. Botswana in southern Africa is also invigorating, with incredible animal sightings and safari camps.

Q: What other once-in-a-lifetime experiences can you recommend for travelers?

IAN SWAIN: Creating independent experiences has been our focus for almost 30 years, and how we piece them together makes them unique, different and even more impactful. Some favorite examples are…

Q: What are some of the trendiest travel experiences people have been seeking out?

IAN SWAIN: New Year’s Eve in Sydney is now our most requested experience in Australia, as we charter boats for clients to view the fireworks right in the harbor. African safaris over Christmas and New Year’s are a newer trend, and we’re also seeing many groups of couples traveling to small safari lodges throughout Africa.

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