Kia Ora!

The famous Māori greeting invites you to explore New Zealand's natural spectacles and unique wildlife
©Miles Holden

There are few places in the world where, within the space of one day, you can encounter mountain vistas, ancient forests, volcanic landscapes and stunning coastline — all while spotting New Zealand wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Experience New Zealand’s natural wonders through the eyes of Māori culture, which has established a long-standing symbiotic relationship with its environment.

Perspectives of Nature

Māori oral history tells of gods creating geysers, ocean trenches and trees that lord over the forests — making New Zealand’s Māori culture an incredible lens through which to view the country’s sacred landscapes. Follow us on a journey to discover the diverse nature, authentic traditions and fascinating legends that are integral to New Zealand.

Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses, Kaikoura

Wherever your New Zealand travels may lead you, let Māori wisdom connect you to nature, wildlife and tradition to create newfound appreciation for this diverse nation.

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