Polar Opposites

Unleash your inner explorer when you sail to Earth’s most extreme landscapes with Zegrahm Expeditions

What lies at the edge of the earth? New surprises, intrigue and wonder as Zegrahm Expeditions takes you on a cruise to the remote continent of Antarctica and inside the Arctic Circle in 2017. Let us find your ideal voyage where the breathtaking beauty of glittering icescapes and glassy waters create fertile ground for encounters with waddling penguins and majestic whales, bolstered by unparalleled expert insight and comfortable surrounds.

Set Sail for the South Pole

Navigate glacier-flanked passages as your expedition-style ship converges on Antarctica’s icy peaks, the bird-dense Falkland Islands and penguin colonies carpeting South Georgia.

Journey to the Arctic Circle

We can curate an accessible expedition that was once reserved for only the most seasoned pioneers. This summertime circumnavigation of Iceland passes along the Arctic Circle with all its extraordinary marine life and seabirds.

Working hand-in-hand with Zegrahm Expeditions, we’ve perfected the art of making once-in-a-lifetime adventures accessible to you. Venture out at your leisure on complimentary activities, whether you’re kayaking the waters of Antarctica or the Arctic or snorkeling the South Pacific or the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy guided excursions on land — from close encounters with wildlife to cultural village tours and exclusive wine tastings, along with the benefits of enriching lectures and insightful conversations. Let dedicated staff take care of your every need, including pouring your preferred wine or beer with meals, and rest assured that gratuities — from porters to crew — are all included in your experience.

Ready To Go?

Contact us today and we’ll handle every detail of your adventurous expedition, from complimentary transfers to all entrance fees, taxes and port charges.