A Glimpse into French Polynesia

A voyage with Paul Gauguin Cruises draws you closer to the culture and history of French Polynesia

The Lure of French Polynesia

A tropical breeze brushes your skin as you lounge on your oceanview balcony aboard m/s Paul Gauguin. This is the welcoming embrace of French Polynesia as you glide along shallow seas to sheltered island ports boasting lush waterfall valleys and green-clad volcanic peaks rising from the sea. Take a tender to the shore, arriving at this paradisiacal land where the local culture reveals itself to you, led by Paul Gauguin Cruises’ longstanding connections to this ancient world.

French Polynesia Through a Local's Eyes

Stepping onto the shores of French Polynesia feels like a dream, where turquoise seas hug sun-warmed white sands and abundant rainforests dominate the interior landscape. This otherworldly beauty takes on an entirely new dimension as you learn the stories, legends and history that have shaped the culture of this diverse region through insightful onboard lectures and shore excursions led by seasoned experts in archaeology, anthropology and marine biology, and even locals.

One such local is archaeologist and onboard expert Mark Eddowes. On select voyages with Paul Gauguin, he captivates with tales as he takes guests to little visited areas of Tahiti. We recently chatted with him to get an insider look on what it’s like to travel with Paul Gauguin Cruises, what excursions he leads, and to learn what new research he’s been doing in French Polynesia.

Q&A with Mark Eddowes


Strengthening your connection to the land is the cornerstone of your Paul Gauguin Cruises voyage as you sail intimate ships that were purpose-built to navigate the South Pacific seas. Warm and welcoming Polynesian hospitality draws you in, inviting you to embrace the people and their culture: Les Gauguins and Les Gauguines — a group of Tahitian storytellers and musicians — share their traditions both on your cruise and on a joyful outing to your own private island feast; Polynesian cuisine transcends from ship to shore with meals reflecting the flavors of the destination, including a lesson in preparing poisson cru, Tahiti’s national dish sourced from the seas. These profound Polynesian influences are inextricably linked to your Paul Gauguin Cruise experience, bringing you beyond the picture-perfect shores to discover the island within.


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