Into the Land of Fire and Ice

Discover unexpected moments filled with beauty and nature in Iceland on a tour or customizable vacation with Globus or Monograms

Whether stopping for a few days in Reykjavík before or after a journey to Great Britain or devoting a trip entirely to exploring the diverse regions of this striking land, Iceland provides endless opportunities for adventure. Let us arrange an escorted tour with Globus or create your own all-in-one package with Monograms. We’ll take care of every detail while offering you the flexibility you crave when exploring this inspiring country.



Explore Reykjavík

Iceland is within easy reach from the Eastern Seaboard, making it the perfect stopover point on your way to or from the British Isles. Spend a day or two in Reykjavík to enjoy its stunning beauty and remarkable culture.

Reykjavík and Beyond

On a longer stay, venture through Reykjavík and beyond, deep into the remote regions and encounter some of Iceland’s most majestic natural wonders, such as the enchanting “Waterfall of the Gods,” Goðafoss and much more!

Discover Enchanting Iceland with Ease


We’ll curate your stay in Iceland with airport transfers, reservations in a centrally located, hand selected hotel and complimentary daily breakfast. Choose a Globus guided tour or let us arrange an all-in-one Monograms vacation that includes guided sightseeing and a Local Host® who is available to answer any questions during your vacation and tailor your stay with insider tips and recommendations on special excursions or activities.

Ready To Go?

Start planning your vacation to the British Isles with us today, and we'll help you add on a seamless connection to explore the beauty of Iceland.