The Ultimate Day
of Relaxation
in Los Cabos

Uncover the serene natural wonders of
Baja California.

With so many incredible ways to find wellness in Los Cabos, it can be hard to settle on just a few. Here are just a few of the many relaxing activities you’ll discover during your stay.

8 am - Breakfast

Wake up bright and early to make the most of your day, and start it off right with a light, healthy breakfast made with local ingredients. Los Cabos resorts are designed to bring the peacefulness of the outdoors in, so you can experience tranquility no matter where you dine.

10 am - Morning Fitness

Most hotels offer their own classes, so feel free to try whichever type of fitness suits you, from yoga to water aerobics to high intensity interval training. Or if you prefer to keep it light, go for a beautifully scenic stroll down the coast.

Noon - Lunch

After your morning workout, dive into delicious local cuisine at a farm-to-table restaurant and taste some of the freshest fare on the planet. Attend a cocktail tasting or cooking class to learn from the masters and discover the techniques that make the drinks and dishes come to life.

2 pm - Get Out Into Nature

There are so many ways to see the natural beauty of Los Cabos, from hiking to ziplining to off-road tours, but one of the most serene places is Cabo Pulmo National Park. Snorkel in the waters known as the world’s aquarium or lounge on the shore soaking in the stunning landscape.

6 pm - Spa Treatment

Treat yourself to an indulgent spa treatment, and feel your worries melt away (along with the salt and sand from your beach trip). Try a Mezcal treatment or a damiana liquor massage to relieve stress and rejuvenate your body through locally made herbal poultices.

8 pm - Late Dinner

Savor a decadent dinner handcrafted by talented chefs, and take delight in the perfect bite of a dish you’ve never tried before. From upscale establishments to local favorites, you have plenty of options if you’re looking for dinner with a view.

10 pm - Nightcap

End your night with the luxurious amenities your hotel has to offer, from the lively bar to your soft, plush bed. As you drift off, reflect on your day of relaxation and look forward to all the ways you’ll relax tomorrow.

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