Mouthwatering Montréal

Dine your way through the city with our guide to all the locals’ favorites, taste-tested and approved by our insider Melissa Locker.
Montréal, Canada © Tourisme Montréal – Madore – Daphne Caron

Treasured for its classic comfort food, Montréal has also drawn the attention of modern trendsetters and fine-dining chefs who are making their mark on the local culinary scene. Click through the gallery below as insider Melissa Locker showcases some of the city’s most memorable meals, and kick-start your appetite for the diverse and delicious cuisine of Montréal.

Classic Meets Modern Dining in Montréal

The culinary list doesn’t end there, whether you’re in the mood for old-school casse-croûtes (greasy spoon) fare at Gibeau’s Orange Julep, Québécois specialties at Au Pied du Cochon or refined pastries at Maison Christian Faure. With each visit to Montréal, I’ve uncovered diverse cuisine that means there’s truly something for everyone. Curious to learn more? Contact your travel specialist to discover their favorite local gems and to plan your complete itinerary.

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