Japan’s Secret Island

Lying in the shadow of Japan’s three larger islands is Shikoku, where artistic traditions have endured for centuries.

Of the country’s more than 6,000 volcanic islands scattered across the Pacific, four main islands form the heart of Japan. Your journey will naturally whisk you to the international gateway cities of Tokyo or Osaka on the largest main island of Honshu. Perhaps you may also venture to the skiing mecca of Hokkaido to the very north or the history-rich island of Kyushu to the very south. Then there is Shikoku, the smallest and least populated of the four. Accessible by plane, ferry or bus, this tiny destination appears quiet on the surface but is teeming with artisans who have perfected Japanese traditions of arts, crafts and cuisine.

Kogei: Traditional Arts and Crafts

Island Cuisine

Beyond its crafts and cuisine, Japan has it all. Discover a wealth of experiences for every style of travel, from river rafting to vivid festivals, in our video.

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