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Avalon Waterways’ absolute favorite cruises explore this picture-perfect region of the world.

Flowing from the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, the Rhône River winds its way through the legendary landscapes that inspired Van Gogh, Cézanne and Gauguin. From lush lavender fields and fabled French vineyards, bathed in sunlight to medieval hilltop villages that are home to centuries-old Provençal kitchens featuring the epicurean delights of your dreams, a cruise along the Rhône River will fulfill your wanderlust around every river bend.

Alpine, Opine. Unlike the Rhine River which leaves its Alpine roots behind in Switzerland, the Rhône embodies its Alpine character, through-and-through.

Odyssey It! A main trade route from the Mediterranean to the heart of ancient Gaul (comprising present-day France, Luxembourg, Belgium and parts of Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany), the Rhône River’s importance dates back to Greek and Roman times. Its millennia-old impressions run deep and can still be felt today.

UNESCO, Let’s GO! A delightfully dizzying number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found along the Rhône River including Arles’ Roman monuments and theatre; Avignon’s Papal Palace and bridge; Pont du Gard and old Lyon.

Valley of Wines.
The Rhône Valley – also known as Côtes du Rhône – has been producing wine since 600 BC. Today, it is known for its red wines – from Syrah in the north to Grenache in the south. Just north of the valley is the Province of Beaujolais. Considered part of Burgundy, this long-time wine-producing region of France is credited for its light-bodied red wines.

The Way to Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh fell in love with the bright lights and colors of Arles (situated along the Rhône River) and hoped to create an artist colony in the city he referred to as “Studio in the South.”

Burgundy & Provence

Welcome to France … its terraced vineyards, sunny fruit orchards, hillside villages and views as far as the eyes can see. Start or end this cruise – which sails through time, tales and food & wine temptations galore – in Lyon, the gastronomical capital of the world.

Active & Discovery on the Rhône

Southern France is just south of the ordinary on this incredible cruise. Happiness and history flow amidst Roman ruins and luscious lavender fields as you enjoy a cruise curated to your interests. With 28 excursions, this vacation promises unparalleled and untethered exploration!


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