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Where on Earth will G Adventures take you?

If you’ve been dreaming of travelling in 2022, where on earth will you start? The pandemic may have awoken your wanderlust for adventure while also giving you a chance to reflect on how you want to explore. You may want to travel more consciously, empower the local communities you visit, and make a positive impact in the world. Since the very beginning, G Adventures has operated with the belief that travel is an exchange, not a commodity. Don’t just see the world. Make it better. It’s time to unleash a new more purposeful and intentional explorer within and reconnect to your world with small group travel. Take a look at the tours below and see where adventure is calling you.

Find New Experiences Trekking Eastern Iceland

Dotted with humbling fjords, breathtaking waterfalls, and no-filter-needed fishing villages, Eastern Iceland is an adventure unto itself. Experience this otherworldly region in its truest form on this six-day trek that’s guided by an expert CEO (Chief Experience Officer) from start to finish.

Travel Responsibly on the Trans Bhutan Trail

Imagine exploring the happiest country on Earth while walking along the same path used by royals, monks, and traders for thousands of years. That’s the Trans Bhutan Trail. For the first time in 60 years, you can hike it yourself. Venturing from west to east, you’ll hike along high mountain passes, across lush river valleys, and through villages from a different era, stopping to soak in local history, culture, and customs along the way.

Adventure Thrills in US National Parks

Searching for an opportunity to visit as many of the west coast’s stunning national parks as you can? Embark on a full day exploration of Zion, walk through the enchanting hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, adventure into the longest canyon in the world from the south rim of the Grand Canyon, wander through the dry, desert landscape of Death Valley, and gain elevation and jaw-dropping views on treks through Sequoia and Yosemite.

Discover Wellness in Bali

Enter the tropical wonderland of Bali, long a beacon to travellers in search of uncovering their spiritual side. Start your journey inward with Canang in Ubud, a traditional offering given at Hindu temples, before immersing yourself in nine days of rejuvenating activities, healthy food, and captivating sights. From daily yoga practices to traditional Balinese healing ceremonies to stops at serene beaches, you will be entranced by Bali’s natural calming spirit that continues to lure people from all over the world seeking a deeper connection.

'Workcation' in Costa Rica

Did you know Costa Rica allows remote workers and digital nomads to stay for up to one year? Hike to a waterfall for an oh so refreshing swim in Diria National Park on your way to the laid-back beach town of Nosara and an idyllic pink-sand beach. Next, you’ll visit some jaw-dropping viewpoints and secluded beaches en route to Tamarindo, where you’ll wrap up your adventure by surfing waves and soaking up its incredible nightlife.

Disconnect from Your Devices in
the Galápagos Islands

Once you visit these isolated Galápagos Islands that teem with an incredible diversity of marine and animal life, you’ll understand what makes them so special. Embark on an eight-day sailing tour onboard the Reina Silvia Voyager, our custom-built catamaran, which offers comfortable accommodations always close by. While exploring the central and eastern Galápagos Islands, you’ll witness the giant tortoises of Santa Cruz, spot marine life (including three types of boobies) on the volcanic landscapes of Punta Pitt, and hike along a saltwater lagoon on Rábida.

Check off an Ultimate Trip to Egypt

Step into a world filled with giant statues, temples, and legendary pyramids. Take it easy as you float along the Nile on a traditional felucca, explore the white sands of Hurghada on the Red Sea, or enjoy a home-cooked meal with a local family. A Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) and local experts will share an intriguing combination of the region’s attractions and hidden secrets. Meet the gaze of the Sphinx and get into the spirit of bygone times when travelling to the Valley of the Kings.

Live Out Your Dreams in Japan

In Japan, tradition and modernity are celebrated side-by-side in ways that often appear contradictory. Immerse yourself in this intriguing culture, beginning in sprawling Tokyo, one of the world’s most innovative cities. Then head by rail into the countryside to visit traditional villages and tranquil shrines. Explore quaint geisha districts and inspiring gardens; savor the fresh flavors of Japanese cuisine; and get a glimpse of the ancient soul of this fascinating, futuristic country.

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