Be Curious

Viking® invites guests to find inspiration their way.
By Stacey Zable

More than sailing the waterways of the world, guests on Viking seek to open their minds, embrace the history and culture of remarkable lands and are truly inspired by the people and places they encounter. For more than 20 years, Viking has been the leader in river cruises. It then redefined ocean cruising by incorporating its finely-tuned destination-intensive focus. Now with Viking Expeditions, guests will travel on purpose-built expedition ships starting in 2022. The world awaits those with curious minds when they embark on any exceptional Viking voyage.

Viking River Cruises


Sailing the Rhine, Danube, Main, Elbe, and in Asia and Egypt, with Mississippi new for 2022, Viking Longships are designed to bring guests closer to their destinations. The exploration starts with Viking’s own online filmography and reading recommendations that instill excitement and knowledge even before the voyage begins. Once on board, guests are invited to become fully immersed in the cultures they visit with a curated Library, the superior knowledge of guest lecturers, and the tastes of regional cuisine and local vintages. Destination Performances and classical and regional musicians bring the performing arts of the visiting region on board. Local artisans and Viking’s superior chefs add to the cultural journey with craft and cooking demonstrations. In every port, included excursions have guests experiencing the local life as well as privileged access during private tours of cultural performances, museums, private homes and palaces.

Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises

With its fleet of new, all-veranda, ocean ships, Viking invites only 930 guests to enjoy a small ship experience with direct access to most ports among Viking’s destinations around the world. Onboard cultural enrichment includes guest lectures, Viking Resident Historians, and Destination Performances to enhance the regional experience. The Kitchen Table onboard cooking school invites guests to learn how Viking’s own world-class chefs create, whether cooking regional dishes or handpicking ingredients at a local market. Other highlights for curious travelers include Port Talks, TED Talks, Munch Moments with digital access to Oslo’s Munch Museum during a daily interactive event, and a Privileged Access filmed performance at the Metropolitan Opera. Much like what it perfected along the river, Viking Ocean excursions invite guests into the local culture and provide privileged access and insider’s views during immersive experiences.

Viking Expeditions

Viking Expeditions

Viking continues to lead the way with journeys to the extraordinary with its new Viking Expeditions launching in 2022. With two expedition-class ships sailing with only 378 guests each, Viking escorts guests on innovative, once-in-a-lifetime experiences to the Arctic, Antarctic, and the Great Lakes in its inaugural season. Boasting panoramic views, the ships bring guests to destinations where they not only view the beauty around them but interact with nature. World-class expedition teams lead guests into the pristine world of Antarctica while also educating them on local life and history. In the Great Lakes, voyages offer a deeper understanding of the region’s majestic coast and complex ecosystem. Programs on board and on shore inform about the region and its past, indigenous cultures, geology and biology.


Travel with an open heart and a curious mind and you will find inspiration anew.

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