Wonders of Greece

Cruise with Azamara® and discover a specialized travel experience that reveals both the hidden gems and iconic landmarks— all alongside local experts.

If you crave authentic, local experiences and carefully crafted itineraries designed with your passions in mind, there’s no better way to see Greece than with Azamara®. With Country-Intensive voyages, Destination Immersion® experiences, and more overnight stays than any other cruise line, you’ll have more time to revel in the history, arts, cuisine, and culture that makes each destination so remarkable.

There’s only one way to truly experience Greece: taking a Country-Intensive cruise around the islands. Go at your own pace, savoring every bite of Santorini, collecting memories in Corfu, and marveling at the gorgeous sights of Mykonos. Sample gyros from every corner of the country, and dip your toe in crystalline waters on a different beach every single day. Each island has its own unforgettable stories to share with you, and you’re invited to explore them all on a Greece-intensive cruise with Azamara®.

Connect with the heart of local culture on a Destination Immersion®-focused shore excursion. Eat, explore, and live like a local no matter where you go with independent, local tour operators, happy to show you the hidden gems of each destination. Discover ancient Greek history, and dive deeper into the myths and legends that have inspired some of the world’s most famous stories and structures today. Get to know the local life and culture in brand new ways and enjoy a fresh perspective at every port.

Azamara® strives to provide the most authentic experiences possible, and many moments are best experienced after the sun sets. Stay overnight in Greece’s ports to be a part of the local nightlife and after-dark adventures that other cruises simply can’t offer. Enjoy longer stays for more time to get lost in beautiful towns and scenic views, relaxing beach days with brilliant sunsets, and memories you’ll cherish for years to come. Unravel authentic moments every day in a new destination and see a city’s true colors come to life right before your eyes.


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