Extend Your Getaway with a Post-Cruise Package

American Cruise Lines is offering two new National Park post-cruise packages on their incredible Columbia and Snake River cruises.
By Sarah Etinas

American Cruise Lines take guests on river cruises through New England, along the Mississippi River, and so much more. But one of their most exciting sailings is their Columbia and Snake River cruise, which ventures through Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. While the cruise alone is quite a treat, you have the chance to extend your Pacific Northwest getaway with one of American Cruise Lines’ fantastic post-cruise packages.

Opt for a Short Extension

American Cruise Lines has recently added two incredible post-cruise packages to their Columbia and Snake River Cruises: a short, three-night National Parks option and a longer seven-night National Parks option.

The three-night National Park Post-Cruise Package squeezes a lot of fun into a short amount of time. During this adventure, guests will make exciting stops in Washington and Montana.

The first stop on this adventure is the stunning Hells Canyon in Clarkston, Washington. While you can take in this beautiful natural landscape by simply driving along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, American Cruise Lines’ post-cruise packages take things to the next level with a jet boat adventure! As you race through the rapids and get your adrenaline pumping, you’ll also get to admire the incredible canyon walls and even some wildlife.

But there’s more to this three-night National Park Post-Cruise Package than Hells Canyon. You’ll also experience Glacier National Park in Montana. This stunning national park is filled with snow-capped mountains, towering trees, and sparkling lakes for you to explore.

Stay a Little Longer

Of course, there’s the other post-cruise package option, the seven-night National Parks package. If time allows, the longer package is definitely worth the experience.

American Cruise Lines’ seven-night National Park Post-Cruise Package is basically an extended version of their three-night package. In other words, you’ll get to visit Hells Canyon and Glacier National Park, plus a few additional stops.

In Glacier National Park, enjoy a personalized exploration led by a dedicated adventure guide. Stops include the Visitors Center, Lake McDonald, and the Going-to-the-Sun Road, a scenic mountain road in the Rocky Mountains.

After Glacier National Park, you’ll pop by Yellowstone National Park for a couple of nights. While there, you’ll get to see the Old Faithful geyser, the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

To round out the seven-nights, there’s Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, Wyoming. Grand Teton National Park is known for towering mountains and abundant wildlife, which makes it ideal for outdoor lovers. Once you’re done exploring the national park, both options transport all guests to the airport to begin their travel home.

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