Find Your Kindred Shores in Charleston

Explore the vibrant personalities of Charleston’s five beautiful beach towns to discover your perfect Southern getaway.

With Charleston’s fascinating history, culture, and geography, it’s no wonder that each beach town is so different from one another. Discover a water sports wonderland, maritime forests bursting with wildlife, and an idyllic island paradise all just a few miles apart. Dive into the heart and soul of these communities to find the one that calls you.

Seabrook Island


If your ideal beach day includes a serene stroll (or horseback ride) down an unspoiled shoreline, look no further than Seabrook Island. A half-hour drive from Charleston, this Southern beachfront community is home to a full-service equestrian center, two championship golf courses, and of course, breathtaking beaches. Reflect on nature’s beauty as you explore the marina or enjoy lovely weather and a good book at a beach picnic. However you spend your time here, you’ll be sure to remember Seabrook Island fondly.

Kiawah Island


Travel to Kiawah Island to find a vast variety of landscapes, including thriving maritime forests preserved to protect the fascinating flora and fauna that call it home. On a nature tour, you might encounter whitetail deer, bobcats, seabirds, sea turtles and even alligators! But if you prefer birdies and eagles to reptiles, don’t worry, there’s plenty of golf available too. Take a swing at a world-class resort and relax on any of the 10 miles of beaches surrounding this lively island.

Folly Beach


Next up the coastline is Folly Beach, or “The Edge of America”, an eclectic, laid-back neighborhood known for its wide beaches and warm, welcoming community. You’ll find all kinds of unique treasures in the locally owned shops and restaurants, and the locals are all too happy to point out the best surfing spots along the shore. Feel free to slow down and stay awhile – the more you get to know this hidden gem and the people who live here, the more you’ll fall in love with Folly Beach.

Sullivan’s Island


You’ll find Sullivan’s Island just beyond the mouth of the Charleston Harbor, close enough to be intertwined in the city’s storied history, but far enough away to have legends of its own. If you’re fascinated with folklore, seafood, or friendly folks, you’ll be charmed by the local shops and stories that helped the tiny island become what it is today. If you’re truly fearless, you can even go on a ghost tour to see the spirits of Sullivan’s Island for yourself!

Isle of Palms


Finally, we have the iconic Isle of Palms, a residential and resort community built to enjoy island life any time of the year. Aquatic activities are endless here; you can go kayaking, sailing, fishing, surfing, or paddle-boarding to your heart’s content. Visit the Windjammer for live music and beach volleyball, or front beach for seaside ice cream and pizza. Whether you’re visiting with family, friends, or on your own, you’re bound to discover the adventure of a lifetime.


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