Taste Your Way Around Europe

From London to Belfast to Florence, savor Europe’s most delicious dishes with Delta Vacations’ Secret Food Tours.
By Sarah Etinas

From Italian pasta to British fish and chips, there are so many beloved foods, tasty bites and sips found around Europe. Delta Vacations’ Secret Food Tours are the perfect way for you and your family to discover the hidden gems of Europe’s culinary scene.

Secret Food Tour: London Bridge

No London food tour would be complete without a stop at Borough Market. This particular market is widely known as one of London’s predominant foodie hubs. While there, you’ll stop at a few different vendors for a little bit of history and a whole lot of food. But the fun doesn’t end with Borough Market. Traditional British cheeses, a fresh pot of tea, and decadent sticky toffee pudding are a few more of the flavorful bites that this tour has in store.

Secret Food Tour: London Shoreditch

All of that said, much of the food scene in London – and especially in trendy Shoreditch – comes from the immigrant communities. So while you’ll get a few British bites on the Secret Food Tour London Shoreditch, most of the dishes will be from international cuisines. Start with a small taste Ghanian chocolate, then continue your day with a Chinese entree, a Basque dessert, and a couple more mouthwatering dishes.

Secret Food Tour: Belfast

Snack on Northern Irish cheese, munch on traditional Irish soda bread, get warmed up with a hearty Irish stew, and finish off with a sweet Irish treat known as a traybake. But no Irish food experience would be complete without a few alcoholic drinks. After all, there are over 100 breweries and distilleries in the country! On this tour, you’ll visit a couple of bars and pubs, where you’ll get to sample fine Irish whiskey, try a few local craft beers, and savor a half pint of Guinness.

Secret Food Tour: Florence

Between pasta and pizza, Italian food already has a fantastic reputation. But there’s more to Italian cuisine – and more specifically, Florentine cuisine – than just these two dishes. You’ll get to sample many of the ingredients that make Italian food so incredible. Aged cheeses, salty salami, high-quality olive oil, and rich wines are just the beginning. By the end, you’ll be stuffed to the brim with your favorite Italian foods, both old and new.

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