Sailing Through a Chef’s Eyes

Chef Jon Ashton invites you on Culinary Journeys with Crystal Cruises®.

Prepare your palate for a gastronomic journey through the perspective of celebrated chefs. Chef Jon Ashton — who earned his culinary accolades in high-end English restaurants — has become a household name from his regular appearances on the “Today” show and “The Tonight Show.” Now he’s welcoming you into his exclusive world as he dines his way around the globe in the 12-part video series “Crystal Cruises Presents: A Culinary Journey Hosted by Chef Jon Ashton.”

On the streets of Los Angeles

Watch as Chef Ashton is joined by another familiar face, Chef Katsuji Tanabe (of “Top Chef” fame). Together, the two take on Los Angeles and savor the city’s spicy, flavorful street tacos. From humble roots to worldwide fame, L.A.’s taco scene is a phenomenon, and the locals who make them each have their unique stories to tell. Then, watch Chef Ashton recreate an upscale, deconstructed presentation of these mouthwatering street snacks back on board his Crystal Cruises ship.

The flavors of Adelaide

Can you ever imagine braving 20,000 bees to seek out the world’s best honey? That’s exactly what Chef Ashton did alongside Australian food expert Mark Gleeson in Adelaide. From the hives to the market, follow along as these two dine through way through the city. Then, watch as Chef Ashton takes inspiration from Adelaide’s extraordinary ingredients and returns to prepare a gorgeous honey-drizzled dessert on board.

One of the purest ways to get to know a destination is through its cuisine, and Chef Ashton is just the expert to show you the way — from fresh poke in Hawai‘i to international comfort food in American Samoa. With Crystal Cruises, not only can you dig into each port of call through your own excursions, but you’ll also experience gourmet cuisine on board your ship. Enjoy open-seating dining and specialty restaurants serving Michelin-inspired cuisine, along with included fine wines and premium spirits, as your culinary journey extends from ship to shore and back again.

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