5 Reasons an Aboriginal Experience is a Must

Experiencing an Aboriginal tour can be eye-opening – and even life-changing.
By Leah Dobihal

If you think seeing Australia with your own two eyes is incredible, you’ll be blown away as you begin to view things through an Indigenous lens with the help of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander guides. There are so many reasons an Aboriginal experience belongs on your itinerary; here are just a few.

It’ll Broaden Your Mind


With knowledge passed down through tens of thousands of years, it’s no surprise that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have a distinct perspective not only of the land, but of life itself. Have you ever thought about a rainforest as a tool box? Or a church? Because Kuku Yalanji man Juan Walker has. Embarking on a tour with an Indigenous guide will certainly offer you a fascinating point of view – but that’s not all. It’s also an exercise in broadening your own mind and challenging yourself to think differently.

You’ll Connect with 60,000 Years of Story Telling


They say you can’t know a country until you know its story – and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are an intrinsic part of Australia’s past, present and future. They are Australia’s first astronomers, interpreting the southern sky to navigate the land and tell stories of Earth’s creation. They are Australia’s first artists; their rock art painted before the last Ice Age is still visible today. They are Australia’s first explorers, dancers, historians, even chefs! When you explore with the guidance of a Traditional Owner, you share in an Australian story 60,000 years in the making.

It’s a Whole Lotta Fun


At times, Aboriginal experiences can be serious and profound. But when the time is right, there is so much fun and laughter to be had. Don’t forget – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are Australia’s original comedians. Aboriginal guides are friendly and full of life – and adventure! You might find yourself wading through a creek, eating native berries straight from the bush or sliding down a sand dune. Plus, there’s bound to be a giggle or two when you try something new, like throwing a boomerang or spear fishing.

You’ll Be Granted Exclusive Access


Australia is home to countless incredible destinations, and some can only be accessed when you’re accompanied by an Indigenous guide. By booking an authentic Aboriginal tour, you’ll get to visit some of Australia’s most impressive landscapes and communities. It’s your chance to see breathtaking scenery that few others have seen, and make lasting memories with people you may otherwise have never met.

It’s a Great Bonding Experience


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture centers around family and kinship, and visitors often come away from an Indigenous tour with a stronger connection to their “mob” (family and friends). An Indigenous tour is a shared experience – the lessons, the emotions and the fun. Whether you learn to look at the stars as a map of the land or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef with Indigenous sea rangers, your group will create a memory you’ll never forget.


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