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By train, by foot, by car, by cruise - however you decide to explore Switzerland, there’s a world of wonders to discover.

Some destinations simply can’t be explored in every way, but Switzerland is one of the rare places that offers you explorations of every kind⁠ — from thrilling hikes around Jungfrau’s snow-capped mountains to a charming cruise along the banks of Lake Geneva or the natural surroundings of the Interlaken Region to the cosmopolitan city by the water of Zürich. Combine all these adventures in one unforgettable vacation, by hopping from one mode of travel to the next! We invite you to see Switzerland in whichever way you wish – it’s breathtaking from every angle.

Explore by Train

Travel by train is one of the most relaxing ways to see Switzerland, and with recent advancements in design and technology, it’s becoming better and better every year. The Glacier Express is the perfect example, with a complete interior makeover giving guests a whole new level of luxury – the Excellence Class. With high-quality materials and infotainment systems built into every car, you’ll have everything you need to rest in comfort throughout your Grand Train Tour of Switzerland. Gaze through panoramic windows, and even press a button to open them for an unbelievable view.

Explore by Foot

With more than 375 miles of hiking trails, the Jungfrau Region is a true paradise for hikers. From a leisurely one-hour walk to a strenuous multi-day tour, you have endless ways to trek through the wilderness. Fearless explorers can go on a high mountain tour to see the Jungfraujoch — Top of Europe, and beginner hikers can enjoy scenic views on Jungfrau Eiger Walk, only one and a half miles long. Whichever path you take, make sure you also visit the Interlaken Region to discover fascinating traditions and impressive Swiss handicraft. In the heart of Switzerland, Interlaken is beautifully situated between mountains and lakes and is ideal starting point for countless excursions.

Explore by Car

If you’d prefer to see Switzerland at your own pace, we recommend the Grand Tour of Switzerland, the most incredible road trip you’ll ever go on. With 1,021 miles of incredible sights to behold, you’ll see it all, from palm-lined lakeshores to sparkling glaciers and everything in between. Bask in the natural beauty of 22 lakes and marvel at 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, staying as long as you like at each one. Whether you prefer medieval villages or bustling cities, you’re certain to discover something new on this attraction-packed grand tour.

Explore by Cruise

Switzerland may be land-locked, but if you’re looking to get on the water, there are plenty of opportunities to cruise. Drink in the views of the lovely Lake Geneva on a wine tasting cruise from Lausanne and sample the wines of the region while you drift past a shoreline dotted with majestic mountains, vineyards, and grand estates. After your cruise, stay at the world-class Beau-Rivage Palace just steps from the shore, and indulge in their exclusive personalized wellness program to complete your unforgettable stay in Lausanne, the second-largest city on Lake Geneva. Or from Zürich, take to the waters of Lake Zürich for the best views and to discover picture-postcard Switzerland.


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